Electrical Engineering graduate program

Electrical Engineering has become an essential part of people’s lives. It involves solving a wide range of problems relating to power generation, communication, healthcare and the environment. The department’s research activities are therefore strongly focused on these societal fields. Smart, innovative electrical components and systems are designed, analyzed and made. As well as working at its own innovative research, the department works closely together with research and development departments in industry. The Electrical Engineering discipline is constantly changing. As a graduate of the program you will be able to find yourself a position that involves research, discovery, exploring new boundaries and leadership.

The nine Electrical Engineering research programs combine to address the three themes of the department: The Connected World (communication), Care and Cure (healthcare) and Smart and Sustainable Society (solutions for environmental issues). In general, the research program consists of fundamental, applicationoriented and design-oriented projects. Students are actively involved in the research by means of internships and their final project. Within the Electrical Engineering graduate program, the following programs are available:

 Master's programs

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Broadband Telecommunication Technology*
  • Care and Cure *

* This is a special Master track

PDEng program

  • Design of Electrical Engineering Systems (DEES)
  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT)*
  • Healthcare Systems Design (HSD)*

* This is a track within the DEES program

Master's programs

PDEng programs