NXP scholarship on ‘Millimeter Wave Wireless Technology’

TU/e - NXP Scholarship

The NXP Scholarship on ‘Millimeter Wave Wireless Technology’ is funded by the NXP Foundation.

Within this scholarship program, master students with a specialization in the areas of Microwave Engineering, RF Electronics, Data Converters, Antennas and Signal Processing for millimeter wave wireless communications and radar systems are supported.

The first NXP scholarships were awarded in September 2020 to a group of first year master’s students at TU/e’s Department of Electrical Engineering. There has been 3 generations of first year master’s students funded through the NXP foundation, and a selection of them were also funded for their second year of master studies.

It is with pleasure that we announce a fourth generation of scholarship are available for the 2023 scholarship round, with 10 available scholarships for first year master’s students.

Who can apply

Interested bachelor students in Electrical Engineering from Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) or University of Twente (UT) are invited to submit their CV, grade list, motivation letter and a short video pitch to the selection committee (RFscholarship@tue.nl). This includes Electrical Engineering students from Dutch Universities of Applied Sciences who have finished the pre-master’s program (info on pre-master’s program).

What does the NXP scholarship entail

The selected students will receive a scholarship of € 5000 in the first year, and the 5 best prior year scholarship recipients also in the second year.

Furthermore, scholarship recipients will be assigned to a coach (NXP Fellows Domine Leenaerts or Kostas Doris), and enter the Connected World Technologies track of the EE master’s program with relevant courses related to Millimeter Wave Technology.  

First-year recipients are required to take part in a team project supervised by NXP running from Nov-June in the first year. In the team project they will gain experience to work together on a millimeter wave system. Students from the previous generations highly valued the experience of this project. The project is done in parallel to the master courses that you follow at university and is an extra study load of 15 EC, distributed over quartile 2, 3 and 4.

NXP scholarship recipients may also choose to do their internship and graduation projects with NXP. It should however be noted that the NXP scholarship does not limit your internship or graduation project options.

NXP recipients are also offered the opportunity to join the Honor’s Academy. If you take part in the Honor’s academy, the team project will count as the 15 EC professional development component of the Honor’s program.

At the end of the master’s program, students will receive a special certificate next to their regular master’s diploma in Electrical Engineering.

At the start of the program the student and coach will make a study plan together.

The students will work together in a team on a challenging teamwork project in the area of millimeter-wave technology under the guidance of NXP experts. The project will allow the students to increase their system level understanding from the antenna, the RF-frontend to signal processing. The teamwork project will be of about 15 EC, distributed over the study year. The students may become part of the TU/e Honors Academy and profit from dedicated Professional development courses.

At the end of the master’s program, the students will receive a special certificate next to their regular master’s diploma in Electrical Engineering.


Students can apply up to 2 July 2023 at RFscholarship@tue.nl by sending:

  • CV
  • Grade list
  • Motivation letter (addressed to the Board of the NXP Foundation) explaining their reasons for pursuing the scholarship
  • Short 3 minutes video pitch to further support/explain their application

Selection criteria

  • Motivation to work in the area of Millimeter Wave and related application domains
  • Study results in bachelor
  • Activities outside study program (e.g. teaching assistant, study association)
  • Students must have finished the BSc program before starting date September 4th 2023

Selection process

A committee consisting of representatives of NXP and the Electrical Engineering department of TU/e will do the selection based on the selection criteria outlined above.

The selection committee will use the selection criteria to decide which students will receive a scholarship. Next to the application documents, an interview will be scheduled with them.

All students who responded, will receive a decision letter before the 15th of July 2023.