Innovation with the department of Electrical Engineering

The Department of Electrical Engineering has worked closely with trade and industry ever since it was founded in 1957. Making scientific knowledge accessible to trade and industry, as well as to society, is considered a vital task within the department.

The Department of Electrical Engineering concentrates its research in three areas:

  • The Connected World (Developments in Communication)
  • Smart and Sustainable Society (Working Toward a Sustainable Society)
  • Care and Cure (Electrical Engineering in the Healthcare Sector)

Collaboration with Trade and Industry

Employees and students of the department collaborate closely with trade and industry in each of the research fields listed above, working to develop new ideas, designs and products. At the same time, trade and industry participate in various educational projects, providing an opportunity for all those involved to acquire and share knowledge. The department also fosters and supports entrepreneurship through various phases of development. This involves cooperation with regional, national and international partners.

Innovating with TU/e

Would you like more information about innovating in cooperation with the Eindhoven University of Technology? If so, get in touch with the TU/e Innovation Lab. The TU/e Innovation lab is the organization within our university that encourages and fosters innovation, the transfer of knowledge and technology, and business development. It is, moreover, TU/e’s incubator. We have a good overview of all the research expertise present at the university and can quickly match your research question with the relevant research groups and individuals. A joint exploration often reveals several relevant disciplines and possible forms of cooperation. You can take advantage of this.

Learn more about innovating with TU/e.