TU Eindhoven again best university

Elsevier again rates TU/e as best university in the Netherlands

For the second year running Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) is top of the list of universities with the most satisfied students in the Netherlands. Lecturers also ranked TU/e as best university of technology. These results are published today by Elsevier weekly magazine. The rankings of student and lecturer satisfaction are published today on the ‘best studies’ website. Elsevier measures the best study programs in each category.

Eindhoven on top
Arthur van Leeuwen, chief editor of surveys at Elsevier, reaches a clear conclusion: “TU/e is head and shoulders above all the other universities”. The nationwide student survey looks at a number of aspects including the quality of education, the choice of courses and the quality of the lecturers. Sources for the ‘best studies’ survey are the National Student Survey, which covers all higher education students, and the Study Choice Database published by the Studiekeuze123 website. The annual Elsevier Faculty Rating among professors and associate professors is held by Elsevier magazine and ResearchNed.

Professors’ ratings
The ratings by professors and associates professors also show that TU/e is the best university of technology. Utrecht University gets the top rating for universities overall. More than 2,000 lecturers gave their views on the best study programs in their own fields. Also included are the choice of Master’s programs and the quality of lecturers, and the scientific publications by staff are also taken into account. “But the real experts are the students themselves – they are the ones who can judge the quality of study programs best of all”, Van Leeuwen explains.

TU/e Rector Magnificus Hans van Duijn is proud the see the university at the top of the ranking for the second year in a row. “This result confirms that our university has made the right strategic choices with our major educational review. TU/e has successfully introduced the Bachelor College, and is now working on reforming the Master’s programs. The fact that we are also working on a transformation of the campus is also proving to be the right move.” This refers to the creation of the Science Campus and the ‘compacter university’. Van Duijn gives the main credit for the university’s high rating to the lecturers and students. “They make the university. There are no guarantees that large-scale changes will prove to be successful. It’s always the people themselves who make the difference.”

Best studies
This is the 20th edition of the Elsevier supplement giving the higher education rankings in the Netherlands. For the 2014 edition Elsevier surveyed 200,000 students and 2,000 lecturers in a total of 744 courses in 200 study programs. A full list of the results can be found on  http://bestestudies.elsevier.nl