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Electrical Engineering research is an expanding area of activities which is heavily intertwined with important industrial activities and essential functions of society, such as energy supply and telecommunication. Covering the full area of Electrical Engineering provides essential synergy in the research, it makes the department into a valuable research partner in the region and is a solid basis for entering new research directions.

The department identifies three research focus areas:

  • Communication (Photonics and Wireless)
  • Cyber-Physical Systems
  • Signal Processing and Imaging

Long-term mono-disciplinary research is the responsibility of the nine research groups, which are the backbone of our department’s research. The research results in new technologies, improved understanding of specific technologies and extension of available knowledge in the various areas of expertise. The groups of the department essentially cover the entire field of electrical engineering. This comprehensive coverage has served us well and remains essential for us to be able to play a broad societal role.


Our Research groups

Department of Electrical Engineering

Control Systems

The research field of CS is the area of dynamic modelling and model-based control of complex dynamic systems.

Department of Electrical Engineering

Electrical Energy Systems

Welcome to our group focusing on the future of energy systems, where sustainability and energy intertwine to shape a better world. Our…

Department of Electrical Engineering


Enable 'electromagnetic engineering' by developing new modeling strategies for analysis and synthesis of a range of applications, e.g.…

Department of Electrical Engineering

Electromechanics and Power Electronics

We carry out fundamental research on the energy conversion theory, methods, and systems, that serve as enabling technologies for future…

Department of Electrical Engineering

Electronic Systems

Our goal is to create constructive design trajectories for electronic systems that lead to high-quality, cost-effective systems with…

Department of Electrical Engineering

Electro-Optical Communication

We have a vision of a globe-spanning ubiquitous optical network, a sustainable and reliable communication infrastructure for users and…

Department of Electrical Engineering

Integrated Circuits

The research area of the group is advanced purely-analog and mixed-signal IC design (RF/IF/LF), applied to frontends, especially for…

Department of Electrical Engineering

Photonic Integration

Provide major contributions to photonic integration and the associated applications with a particular focus on indium phosphide technology.

Department of Electrical Engineering

Signal Processing Systems

Enabling the digital revolution through theories, algorithms, architectures and solutions for analyzing and interpreting signals, images,…

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