The MsM group is cooperating with other groups at the university via our so-called Centres, especially in the Centre for Wireless Technology Eindhoven (CWTe) and the Centre for Care and Cure Technology Eindhoven (C3Te). This ensures a strong multidisciplinary link, which not only enhances our research, but also facilitates the innovation chain to industry and society.


The MsM cooperates with many industrial partners; key partners of MsM are NXP, Holst/IMEC, Philips, and Xilinx. The group strives for an as close cooperation with all industry by hosting guests,  parttime positions for professors, parttime positions of persons from industry, consultancy to industry, and integration of MSc and PhD students during their project with industry. Our work is directed along roadmaps that are aligned with industry. In most of our project for which we apply funding industry is operating as a partner. Finally, we facilitate measurement facilities for our prime partners, and do measurements at their labs.
This way we integrate our work as much as possible, thereby facilitating a smooth innovation chain, as expressed in our mission.