The Connected World

Telecommunication means form the arteries and the veins for economic activities ranging from research to manufacturing, for transport, health care, banking, logistics, leisure activities, intelligent energy supply, etc. Communication technologies have to provide ample telecommunication capacity transparently, both wireless and wired, at affordable costs for the end users, yielding a traffic-jam free communication world. Other systems are more localized and are only carrying traffic over short distances, but may be equally important to our society. Some popular communication functions are so localized that they may not be recognized as communication devices; e.g. the TV remote control, wireless mouse and keyboard of a PC, etc.

Wired and wireless technologyBy means of this theme the faculty hopes to aim at design, realisation and validation of a coherent broadband and narrowband communications technology. We are working on both wired and wireless technology. At this moment the expertise of the chairs is focused on two important areas: high data rate global and short-range communication; and ultra-low-power wireless communication links.