Dutch Design Week 2018 - TU/e Research: Drivers of Change

20 October to 28 October
Klokgebouw, Strijp -S

During the internationally renowned Dutch Design Week, TU/e Research will show how research solutions are driven by today’s global issues and how they will transform daily lives.

Visitors will learn how research at TU/e addresses today’s global challenges to positively impact the world of tomorrow and beyond. It is an excellent opportunity to gain insights into the work of the researchers and to better understand how solutions will enhance our daily lives and society as a whole. It is also an opportunity to visit the 3TU Mind the Step exhibition - situated in the same hall - also featuring many interesting projects at TU/e.

You can be part of a guided tour that will help you to know and understand all the ins and outs in short time. We are looking forward to show you these exhibitions, of which the TU/e can be very proud.

If you like to participate in the tour please send an e-mail to Jeanette Schoumacher, indicating the time slot you prefer. Tours take place on Thursday 25 October, either at 12.00 hrs or 16.00.