Name Section Positioncategory Room Tel. number Email
Baharom, M.Z. FE PhD Stud. LG 1.67 +31 40-247 4681 Email to Baharom, M.Z.
Bakker, S. FE UD ATL 4.124 +31 40-247 4019 Email to Bakker, S.
Bangaru, C. FE OBP ATL 2.120 +31 40-247 2742 Email to Bangaru, C.
Barakova, E.I. FE UD ATL 4.4.122 +31 40-247 8562 Email to Barakova, E.I.
Bardelli, F. BSc SC OWP ATL 0. Email to Bardelli, F. BSc
Baselmans - Kearns, L. BBID Secretary ATL 3.103 +31 40-247 2209 Email to Baselmans - Kearns, L.
Baten, N.T.H. EID OBP LG 1.06 +31 40-247 4046 Email to Baten, N.T.H.
Beijers, bc. C.E.J. -Unit HR-advies Al OBP ATL 3.206 +31 40-247 2042 Email to Beijers, bc. C.E.J.
Bekker, M.M. SC UHD ATL 7.7.101 +31 40-247 5239 Email to Bekker, M.M.
Ben Avi, I.R. EID OBP MF 5. +31 40-247 6256 Email to Ben Avi, I.R.
Berlo, prof. A.A.J. van SC HGL ATL 7.101 Email to Berlo, prof. A.A.J. van
Bernhaupt, prof.dr. R. SC HGL ATL 7.102 +31 40-247 5496 Email to Bernhaupt, prof.dr. R.
Beurden, drs. M. van G.A. OBP ATL 3.Atas 3.103 Email to Beurden, drs. M. van
Birk, dr. M.V. SC UD ATL 7.Zuid Email to Birk, dr. M.V.
Boloz, I.J. FE OWP LG 1.07 +31 40-247 3922 Email to Boloz, I.J.
Boomen, G.J.A. van den FE OBP ATL 2.2.120-2.125 +31 40-247 5964 Email to Boomen, G.J.A. van den
Brankaert, R.G.A. SC UD ATL 7.7.12C Email to Brankaert, R.G.A.
Bremen, C.L. van den SC OWP LG 0. Email to Bremen, C.L. van den
Brink, M. ten MSc SC PhD Stud. ATL 7. Email to Brink, M. ten MSc
Broek, G.W.D. van den Finance IE&IS OBP ATL 3.3.209 +31 40-247 4391 Email to Broek, G.W.D. van den
Brombacher, A.C. SC HGL ATL 7.104 +31 40-247 4522 Email to Brombacher, A.C.
Bruns, M. FE UHD ATL 4.127 +31 40-247 4704 Email to Bruns, M.

Total persons: 22

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