Innovation within Industrial Design

At the department of Industrial Design we are shaping a new discipline: designing and creating intelligent systems, products and related services. We combine cutting edge research in several domains to educate a new type of engineer.

Our industrial designers create connected solutions, combining products and services to suit individual needs. They can work with all stakeholders, customers and producers alike, who are not only involved, but are also essential contributors to the future sustainability of our world. Their role will be to mediate the developments in technology, the needs of people (culture & society) and the responsibility for properly using the power of ideas and values.

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Areas of expertise

To achieve our mission, the our bachelor's and the master's programs focus on designing, valorising, researching and creating interactive systems, products and related services in a societal context with an awareness of intelligent systems. Therefore, the discipline of ID builds on five domain specific areas of expertise:

  • creativity and aesthetics;
  • technology and realisation;
  • user and society;
  • business and entrepreneurship;
  • math, data and computing.

Students learn to integrate the competencies related to the different expertise areas in design and research processes in a professional and scientific way.