Designing for Growing Systems in the Home

The ‘DesIGning for Growing Systems In the hoMe’ (DIGGSIM) squad is a research and vision driven squad that explores the next frontier of design: systems design. We focus on systems of interactive products, colloquially known as ‘the Internet of Things’ (IoT) and understand such a system as both a technological as well as a social construct. We approach these systems as being inherently open and distributed. Systems are open in the sense that new IoT artifacts can be added and software can be updated. We refer to this as ‘growing’ systems.

In contrast with the dedicated interactive products of before, the functionality in IoT systems is not stable but open and emergent and highly dependent on the composition and use of the system. In sum, the DIGGSIM squad aims to show, in example how the future might be.

We make use of the IoT Sandbox as a tool to get grip on growing systems; students design for a family of ‘mundane characters’ in a scale model of a house.

The projects in this squad give you insight in the concept of rich and meaningful interaction and bring this into the context of growing systems. 


Students in this squad collaborate with clients like Auping