Mourning Rituals

Student: Marjolein Kors

A child's mourning support tool, according to set moments in time - Mourning Rituals encompasses the development of child’s mourning support tool after the death of a parent. It stimulates the remaining parent and child to jointly become aware, discuss, and redefine changes. The parent provides the child with the proper context and protocol, in order to accomodate the mourning process.

The design consists of a central object and a number of small plastic tokens in different shapes and colours. With these the child can indicate connections to events and experiences and their level of importance.

Since a mourning process is highly personal, the child has the freedom to alter and define the symbolic meanings to its own liking. It is the intention that parent and child jointly discuss the meaning, after which the central object with the tokens is put in the child’s bedroom.

It is the child’s responsibility to keep track of the overview and notifies the parent if necessary. When the object’s light is turned on, the image of the overview of events is projected on the child’s bedroom ceiling.