Smart Rehabilitation Garment

This research is concerned with the design of wearable technologies for posture monitoring and correction. Posture monitoring and correction technologies can support prevention and treatment of spinal pain or can help detect and avoid compensatory movements during the neurological rehabilitation of upper extremities, which can be very important to ensure their effectiveness.

Smart Textiles and Technology

Specifically, the system combines a garment with integrated smart textiles and wearable electronics and an application runs on smart devices. Providing feedback with vibration on the garment, audible alarm signals, visual instruction and training overview.

Design Knowledge

The research aims to contribute new design concepts that will be prototyped and validated both for their clinical relevance, and for their acceptance by patients and health workers. In addition to the prototype garments, we are also interested in developing relevant design knowledge, which we shall try to explicate in terms of reflections, and design patterns, across a range of prototypes.


This project has possible funding from the Chinese Scholarship Council

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