Pilot study for student concept "stUmobiel" kicks off

Monday March 12 marked an important milestone for the student run concept “stUmobiel”, which was developed in collaboration with B.A.S. Mobiliteitsbeheer, Autorijschool ROY, Stichting Vrienden van de Thuiszorg, and ZuidZorg Extra, as they kicked off a pilot study to see if the concept would be feasible in real-life. 

It all began two years ago, when a multi-disciplinary student team (3 Industrial Design TU/e students Lisa Stavenuiter, Tobi de Kok, Max Morres and 1 Architecture student Marjolein Hordijk) created a mobility service concept; "stUmobiel". stUmobiel is a concept that hopes to support frail older adults with their daily travelling activities through an inter-generational social support and smart travel planning system. Students can earn driving credits per kilometer when offering the service of transporting seniors from A to B, and utilize these credits to use the car for themselves whenever feasible. This not only increases the mobility of senior citizens, but also of the students!

“Students often do not have a car at their disposal, but are regularly placed in situations where it would come in handy. Through our service, students can occasionally take the car for private purposes” - stUmobiel

The students were coached by Tom Hessels from the practical course Innovating by Design, with Lu Yuan as lecturer from the USE learning line New Product Development and Marketing. They worked in partnership with ZuidZorg Extra to further develop this concept. 

"I am very impressed by our students’ persistence in bringing such a complex idea to the current stage. I think this truly reflects the multi-disciplinary collaboration and science for society in the missing of setting up the USE learning line. I trust more research and scientific questions will arise in order to run this pilot in a socially responsible and scientifically valid way." - Associate Professor Lu Yuan 

The car is currently parked at the parking lot in front of Laplace and there are about 10 student drivers registered at the moment. For students interested in registering and making use of this service, please visit www.stumobiel.nl for more information.