Contact-free Health Monitor "SlaapLekker" won Bronze DIA Award 2019

During the 2019 Design Intelligence Award (DIA) Ceremony, "SlaapLekker", a product incubated by the project "International SmartHealth Lab" at the Systemic Change group, has won Bronze Award, one of the top 22 from 7280 submissions , among international companies and institutions such as Alibaba and CMU.  Intelligence Award (DIA) is “an international academic award in industrial design established in China, 2015. It is a platform for evaluation, promotion and communication of design, an accelerator bringing innovation to the industry and the future.” (  

With the transition to aging populations, people all over the world suffer from cardiovascular disease. Cardiovascular disease is no longer just a health issue, but a major economic burden. The World Health Organization indicates that cardiovascular disease is likely to require costly medical treatments that might have been avoided with early detection and effective management of risk factors. SlaapLekker is a non-obtrusive health monitor with a sensor chip placed within or under the mattress to capture the ballistocardiogram of the users. The ballistocardiogram is analyzed by innovative deep learning algorithms enabled by cloud computing for the early detection of the cardiovascular disease risks and its deterioration. As a home healthcare system, SlaapLekker aims to provide the end users with an assessable and understandable system intelligence, with dramatic cost savings and improved cardiac care. The application of SlaapLekker is an effective way to reduce the burden of cardiovascular disease for aging populations and improve the quality of life for patients.

The same sensing technology in SlaapLekker was also the enabler for projects such as LightSit ( exhibited at Mind the Step, Dutch Design Week 2018, and Breath-with-me, an NWO “Creative Industry – KIEM” project.  

Biyong Zhang, the inventor of "SlaapLekker", is a part-time PhD candidate in the project "International SmartHealth Lab”. Prof. Aarnout Brombacher, prof. Loe Feijs, dr. Jun Hu and dr. Bin Yu supported the project. For the next step, together with dr. Jun Hu, Prof.dr.P.Markopoulos and dr. Peter Peters, Biyong and his SlaapLekker technology are going to be involved in the NWO STRAP project (Self TRAcking for Prevention and diagnosis of heart disease), not only to help to collect patient data, but also to improve the sensing and deep learning technology of "SlaapLekker".