TIA award “Top Design Education Institution” for ID

From 19th April to 22nd April 2018, World Industrial Design Conference 2018 (WIDC 2018) has been held in Mengqi Town of Designers, Hangzhou, China. This year, the event involved a great number of participants from over 30 countries, affiliated with various design agencies, academic organizations, industries, and media. 

As one of the biggest design events in China, WIDC is hosted by China Industrial Design Association (CIDA), under the aegis of United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of Chinese government, as well as the local government of Hangzhou. The topic of WIDC 2018 is “Design | Ecology”, focusing on the potential contributions of design to the ecology of culture and humanity, the ecology of natural environment, as well as the ecology of entrepreneurship. Prof. dr. Aarnout Brombacher attended the event on behalf of our department.

This year, our department has received the “Top Innovation Award (TIA)” as a Top Design Education Institution for its outstanding contribution of promoting international cooperation with Chinese universities in the area of design education. 

Four design projects from our department were selected and fully funded by WIDC and by IIIE (International Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship) for the public exhibition in the pavilion of “Open University of Design”. IIIE is a collaborative effort in Industrial Design education and research by our department, Zhejiang University and China Industrial Design Association. IIIE is also part of the initiative of Open University of Design together with other seven industrial design departments on the purpose of strengthening exchanges on design education and research.

The four exhibited projects from TU/e ID are:

  • Zen Aura, designed by Bin Yu (postdoctoral researcher), Biyong Zhang (PhD candidate) supervised by dr. Jun Hu, dr. Mathias Funk and prof. dr. Loe Feijs in collaboration with BOBO Technology Ltd.
  • Shuttlekicker+, designed by Xipei Ren and Yudan Ma (PhD candidates), supervised by dr. Yuan Lu and prof. dr. Aarnout Brombacher.
  • Awore, designed by Ward Leenders (bachelor student) and Feiran Zhang (PhD candidate).
  • FireFlies: ClassBeacons, designed by Pengcheng An (PhD candidate) and dr. Saskia Bakker, supervised by prof. dr. Berry Eggen, in collaboration with dr. Ruurd Taconis (Eindhoven School of Education), dr. Chris Paffen, and Sara Ordanovski (Utrecht University).