Scientific staff

Below you find a list of all scientists of the department  Industrial Design in alphabetical order.

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Name Section Positioncategory Room Tel. number Email
Abbas, T. MSc FE PhD Stud. ATL 5. Email to Abbas, T. MSc
Adank - Heij, drs. A.M. SC PhD Stud. LG 0. Email to Adank - Heij, drs. A.M.
Alves Lino, J.A. SC PhD Stud. TF 1.237 Email to Alves Lino, J.A.
An, J. MSc FE PhD Stud. ATL 5.5.125 Email to An, J. MSc
An, P. FE PD ATL 4.4.126 +31 40-247 4982 Email to An, P.
Anas, S.A.B. SC PhD Stud. LG 1.69 +31 40-247 8564 Email to Anas, S.A.B.
Andersen, dr. H.K.G. FE UD ATL 4. Email to Andersen, dr. H.K.G.
Arts, J.H. MoS SC PhD Stud. LG 1.52 +31 40-247 5053 Email to Arts, J.H. MoS
Azmi, N.F.B. FE PhD Stud. LG 1.77 +31 40-247 4571 Email to Azmi, N.F.B.

Total persons: 9