Our industrial designers create connected solutions, combining products and services to suit individual needs. They can work with all stakeholders, customers and producers alike, who are not only involved, but are also essential contributors to the future sustainability of our world. Their role will be to mediate the developments in technology, the needs of people (culture & society) and the responsibility for properly using the power of ideas and values.

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Got a design challenge

Find out how you, as a company or external client, can collaborate with an Industrial Design student.

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These companies either originated from student or research projects, or they are founded by Industrial Design alumni. 

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To be transparent about our expectations in collaborations, you can find here the contracts. 

hot spot

During Dutch Design Week 2020, there were talk shows, workshops and an e-magazine in which the 4TU Design United presents critical as well more optimistic visions of how design and technology will shape the world of tomorrow.