Traineeship PDEng

Traineeship EngD User System Interaction

EngD programs thoroughly prepare master graduates for a career in industry or business through a two-year program. The programs start with a year of advanced education, followed by a major design project of twelve months with a company. Industrial Design offers the EngD program User System Interaction (USI). 

Got a design challenge?

Do you have a design challenge but not the right knowledge to tackle it? Want to improve your service or product, but don’t have the time or manpower? Looking access to leading expertise of university researchers applied to your specific case? Then you should consider an USI industrial project.

EngD candidates are trained in Interaction Design and User Experience Design. They apply iterative and fast prototyping approaches to develop novel concepts in interaction technology. Following a design thinking approach, they  are competent in people research to understand user needs and identify opportunities for technology innovation, and carry out evaluations to test assumptions, propose improvements and add value for your business.  Industrial projects can be executed as part of the USI program as follows:

  • Young professional should work on an industrial project for projects lasting between 9 and 15 months.
  • Trainees collaborate closely with an academic supervisor to ensure knowledge transfer from the research group to the industry.

Contact the USI secretariat for more information!