The Department of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences is responsible for three Bachelor programs, five Master programs and two PhD programs.

Our Bachelor Programs:

  • Industrial Engineering: Improving the performance of business processes, ranging from operations, IT, human performance to Innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Psychology & Technology: Impact of technology on people and impact of people on technology development.
  • Sustainable Innovation: The analysis and management of socio-technical innovations and transitions towards more sustainable futures.




Our Master programs:

  • Human Technology Interaction: Looking at technology from a user’s perspective, requiring a profound understanding of both human and technological aspects.
  • Innovation Management:  Studying the management of innovation processes quantitatively and qualitatively.
  • Innovation Sciences: Studying innovation processes at a strategic level, towards economic growth, sustainable development and welfare.
  • Manufacturing Systems Engineering: Combining knowledge of high-tech production systems and of production processes and supply chains to apply at both system and network level.
  • Operations Management & Logistics: Analyse, improve and redesign the operational performance of business processes.

Our Graduate Programs

The Gradutae Programs by Industrial Engineering and Innovation Sciences are embedded in the TU/e Graduate School.

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Here you find all Phd positions in our department