'Delivering impact with data'

Value Of Data-Driven Intelligence

The goal of this research theme is to identify, investigate and exploit the rich value that is derivable from big data. The amount of data mined in industrial and governmental processes, health and well-being, and smart cities is growing exponentially. In turn, the reliance placed by humans, businesses and society at large on the information held within data has become critical to our understanding of and control over the rapidly evolving domains of commerce, manufacturing, healthcare, mobility, energy and agri-tech.  We investigate, design, and develop artificially intelligent systems, not to replace, but to support and augment human understanding and decision making and to help organizations, and society at large, to innovate with these data. Our multidisciplinary approach ensures that human values and needs are not only factored in but also extract real value and true insights from data.

Our research topics

At present our research focusses on these topics:

Our research topics

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