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Since disciplinary excellence is the cornerstone of successful multidisciplinary collaboration on real-life, complex challenges, the department of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences is organized along disciplinary lines in seven research groups.

Scientists of these research groups combine their expertise to understand, design and implement innovative technological solutions in four industrially and societally relevant research themes.

All research groups contribute to more than one research theme; therefore, we can build on many disciplinary perspectives to address relevant and urgent industrial and societal challenges in each research theme.

The department is governed by a departmental board, existing of four members. The meetings of the departmental board are complemented with the advisory staff of the board, which consists of the educational director and representatives of each of the two student associations.

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Our department seeks to create and maintain an enduring and mutually inspiring relationship with its former students. A number of facilities have been set up at departmental and TU/e level to support this intention. The department has two alumni associations: Alumnia and ITEM (Ingenieurs Techniek en Maatschappij).

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This portal offers you as many interesting opportunities to strengthen the connection with each other and the university, for example through various circles (networks) or through coaching students. You will also find the latest news in the field of research, developments and activities from TU/e. In short, the Alumni Portal is the starting point for a lively online TU/e Alumni community worldwide!

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