Anna Wieczorek and research group win IE&IS Valorization Prize 2020

Anna Wieczorek and her research group* have won the IE&IS Valorization Prize 2020 for outstanding efforts of researchers regarding the societal relevance of their research and its impact in practice to for their project ‘Community-based Virtual Power Plant (cVPP) - a new model for energy system organisation’ with which they introduced a unique research model that facilitates community-driven energy initiatives to aggregate distributed generation and flexibility and thereby help solve the grid problems.

The IE&IS Valorization Prize consists of a 5,000 Euro cheque to be used for research purposes desired by the winners.

*The research group exists of Luc van Summeren, Laura van den Berghe, Geert Verbong, George Papachristos, Aleid Groenewoudt, Josja Veul and Sjoerd Pernot. 
(Due to COVID19 limitations no photos were made)

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