Utrecht and Eindhoven focus on healthy innovation

On May 31 and June 1 Eindhoven and Utrecht will be focusing on healthy innovation. TU Eindhoven, Utrecht University and UMC Utrecht are jointly organizing the two-day Playful City Event. During this event interested parties from science, policy and practice will be brought together to share knowledge about playful technologies for using public spaces in a healthy way.

On May 31 visitors are welcome between 11.30 and 19.00 at Utrecht's municipal offices. The day will be devoted to sharing knowledge. A symposium and panel discussion will be held linking science, policy and practice.

As well as the insights and plans of science being shared, the public will be encouraged to roll up their sleeves and get involved. To this end, on the second day – again between 11.30 and 19.00 – visitors will be invited by way of pitches to take part in the interactive demo-market in Eindhoven's TAC building. This will involve tools, games and concepts that can help create a healthy lifestyle in a fun and effective way in a living environment adapted to suit this aim. Active participation will be rewarded with coins that the visitor can then hand in at one of the stands offering healthy food.

Health contest
The event will also include the official start of the registration of experiments in the field of playful technologies in Eindhoven and Utrecht. Scientists, game developers and concept owners are called upon to submit their proposals for healthy innovation. As the client behind the health contest, the municipalities of Eindhoven and Utrecht will then select ten concepts that they expect to be able to use in time to improve the health of their cities' residents. Related to this, TU/e professor Steven Vos will give a keynote address in which he examines the influence of health innovations and health technologies on people's lives.

The Playful City Event has emerged from the Brabant Health Deal and is funded by the ZonMW GOAL and Erasmus+ PREhealth projects. In turn, these are well aligned with the strategic Eindhoven-Utrecht Alliance and the Smart and Healthy City program.

For the full program of the Playful City Event check out: http://bit.ly/EindhovenUtrecht2018