PhD program Innovation Sciences

ECIS (Eindhoven Centre for Innovation Studies) is a research centre based at the School of Innovation Sciences at Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands.

Innovation is one of the fundamental factors affecting the economic performance of firms, regions and countries, and social welfare, the quality of life at large, and the humans who live it. The research mission of ECIS is to enhance our understanding of the sources, nature and effects of innovation processes. Our research aims to provide useful insights for an effective governance/management of innovation processes at regional, national and international levels. Three research groups contribute in the research school: Human-Technology Interaction (HTI), Technology, Innovation and Society (TIS) and Philosophy and Ethics (P&E).

Their research is structured by the following five main research programs. PhD projects are part of these research programs. Typically, PhD projects are externally funded, either through organizations such as NWO or through firms such as Philips.