Bachelor Final Project

The Bachelor Final Project takes place at the end of the third year of the Bachelor’s degree programs of Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences, and Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences for the Healthcare Sector. The objective of the project is to enable the student to demonstrate that he or she can independently perform a thorough analysis of a problematic situation at a company and can propose directions in which a solution may be sought.

Emphasis is placed on the thorough analysis of the problem. In order to formulate a good statement of the problem, the student collects date in a variety of ways. For example, by gathering data from an information system or by performing measurements in a systematic way (on, say, a production line but via interviews is also acceptable) within a company or at a customer’s premises. Having analyzed the data thoroughly, the student then formulates the statement of the problem and carries out further research into the directions in which to a solution can likely be found. Typically, a student doing a Bachelor Final Project would not actually implement the solution.

The Bachelor Final Project offers an incisive analysis of the situation within an organization, viewed from several industrial engineering and management science perspectives. Following this analysis, the student indicates the causes of the problem and, ultimately, proposes several directions in which a solution may be sought. 
The student invests more than 220 hours in the project, over a maximum of 20 weeks. TU/e supervises the project in the person of  a lecturer-researcher. The student submits a complete written report and presents the findings within the company to the relevant employees.