The department Industrial Engineering and Innovation Sciences was established in 1995 as a result of a merger of two departments that are still recognizable as the two Schools: the School of Industrial Engineering (IE) and the School of Innovation Sciences (IS).

The mission of the School IE is to conduct excellent scientific research and to provide excellent education in industrial engineering, both aiming at scientific knowledge creation and transfer, in order to make business processes work in a high technology-driven environment.

The IE research staff is embedded in one of the School’s four groups:

  1. Human Performance Management (HPM), chaired by prof.dr. Josette Gevers and prof.dr. Pascale Le Blanc;
  2. Information Systems (IS), chaired by Jos Trienekens;
  3. Innovation, Technology Entrepreneurship and Marketing (ITEM), chaired by prof.dr. Sjoerd Romme;
  4. Operations, Planning, Accounting and Control (OPAC), chaired by prof.dr. Ton de Kok.

The mission of the School IS is to excel in research on how humans and societies bring about technological change and on how technological innovations change humans and societies. We pursue this mission from various disciplinary perspectives, including economics, ethics, history, philosophy, psychology, and transition studies.

The IS research staff are embedded in one of the School’s three groups:

  1. Human-Technology Interaction (HTI), chaired by prof.dr. Chris Snijders;
  2. Philosophy and Ethics (P&E), chaired by dr. Wybo Houkes;
  3. Technology, Innovation & Society (TIS), chaired by prof.dr. Floor Alkemade.

The department’s research policy aims for both scientific excellence and societal relevance. Scientific excellence is evaluated in terms of the quality of our contribution to the international scientific community. Societal relevance is evaluated, among other things, in terms of the significance of our collaboration with stakeholders on societal and industrial challenges.

The Department IE&IS has identified cross-disciplinary research themes that are both scientifically challenging and societally relevant. These themes were selected involving the scientific staff of the entire department, building on current research strengths, and bearing in mind the synergy options between all groups and growth in funding. These four research themes are:

  • Logistics and its interfaces
  • Sustainability
  • Value of big data
  • Humans and technology

The School IE coordinates two of these themes. Geert-Jan van Houtum (OPAC) is theme coordinator for the research on Logistics and its interfaces, whereas Uzay Kaymak (IS) is theme coordinator for the research on Value of big data. The School IS coordinates two of these themes. Prof.dr. Wijnand IJsselsteijn (HTI) is theme coordinator for the research on Humans and Technology, and dr. Rudi Bekkers (TIS) is theme coordinator for the research on Sustainability.

Moreover, these four research themes are aligned with TU/e’s three Strategic Areas and two Research Centers, via joint road mapping and grant applications.