Research profile

Research at the School IS addresses how humans and societies bring about technological change, and how technological innovations change society and human behavior. We focus on the grand challenges facing contemporary societies, such as those relating to energy, health, and mobility. These challenges involve different levels of aggregation, from individual humantechnology interactions to large-scale, long-term societal transitions. We therefore pursue our mission from various disciplinary perspectives within the humanities and social sciences, and use scientific approaches such as description and analysis, intervention (policy, management, design, experiment), critical reflection and normative evaluation. Read more about research at the School IS.

Research at the School IE involves the design, execution, support and optimization of operational and innovation processes in high-tech businesses, firms and institutes. Logistics, innovation management, production management, marketing, information systems, servitization, transport,supply chain and human performance are the specific topics covered by the School. Read more about research at the School IE.