Research profile school IE

Research at the School IE involves the design, execution, support and optimization of operational and innovation processes in high-tech businesses, firms and institutes. Logistics, innovation management, production management, marketing, information systems, servitization, transport,supply chain and human performance are the specific topics covered by the School.

The research is embedded in four research groups that each deal with a major aspect of the domain of Industrial Engineering. Research within the Operations, Planning, Accounting and Control (OPAC) Group deals with the smart control of operational processes (the operations management aspect of IE). To obtain such control, one has to address decisions at strategic, tactical and operational level. The research program of the Innovation, Technology Entrepreneurship and Marketing (ITEM) Group focuses on understanding and improving new business and product development, and the program covers strategic, tactical and operational activities of new business and product development (the innovation management aspect of IE). The Human Performance Management (HPM) Group focuses on the role of factors in operational and new business and product development processes, with particular attention to human performance optimization (the human performance engineering aspect of IE). Finally, the Information Systems (IS) Group performs research in business information systems, focusing on design, optimization and computer-aided support of operational and new business and product development processes within and between organizations, both at design time and execution time (the information system engineering aspect of IE).


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The School of Industrial Engineering has composed a list of high-quality, focal journals that represent the scientific area in which the School publishes.