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Below you find all full professors of the department of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences.

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Name Section Chair Tel. number Email
Adan, prof.dr.ir. I.J.B.F. DC Email to Adan, prof.dr.ir. I.J.B.F.
Alkemade, prof.dr. F. TIS +31 40-247 7325 Email to Alkemade, prof.dr. F.
Bekkers, prof.dr.ir. R.N.A. TIS +31 40-247 5621 Email to Bekkers, prof.dr.ir. R.N.A.
Demerouti, prof.dr. E. HPM +31 40-247 5669 Email to Demerouti, prof.dr. E.
Fransoo, prof.dr.ir. J.C. OPAC +31 40-247 2681 Email to Fransoo, prof.dr.ir. J.C.
Grefen, prof.dr.ir. P.W.P.J. IS +31 40-247 5650 Email to Grefen, prof.dr.ir. P.W.P.J.
Heynderickx, prof.dr. I.E.J. Board IE&IS +31 40-247 4510 Email to Heynderickx, prof.dr. I.E.J.
Houkes, prof.dr. W.N. Phil&Ethics +31 40-247 5943 Email to Houkes, prof.dr. W.N.
Houtum, prof.dr.ir. G.J.J.A.N. van Board IE&IS +31 40-247 5163 Email to Houtum, prof.dr.ir. G.J.J.A.N. van
IJsselsteijn, prof.dr. W.A. HTI +31 40-247 4455 Email to IJsselsteijn, prof.dr. W.A.
Jeekel, prof.dr. J.F. TIS +31 40-247 5763 Email to Jeekel, prof.dr. J.F.
Jonge, prof.dr. J. de HPM Work Psychology +31 40-247 2243 Email to Jonge, prof.dr. J. de
Kappers, prof.dr. A.M.L. CST +31 40-247 6182 Email to Kappers, prof.dr. A.M.L.
Kaymak, prof.dr.ir. U. IS +31 40-247 2793 Email to Kaymak, prof.dr.ir. U.
Kohlrausch, prof.dr. A.G. HTI +31 40-247 5413 Email to Kohlrausch, prof.dr. A.G.
Kok, prof.dr. A.G. de OPAC +31 40-247 3849 Email to Kok, prof.dr. A.G. de
Kort, prof.dr.ir. Y.A.W. de Board IE&IS +31 40-247 5754 Email to Kort, prof.dr.ir. Y.A.W. de
Langerak, prof.dr. F. ITEM +31 40-247 3680 Email to Langerak, prof.dr. F.
Müller, prof.dr. V.C. Phil&Ethics +31 40-247 3695 Email to Müller, prof.dr. V.C.
Nijssen, prof.dr. E.J. ITEM +31 40-247 2368 Email to Nijssen, prof.dr. E.J.
Oldenziel, prof.dr. R. TIS +31 40-247 8949 Email to Oldenziel, prof.dr. R.
Peeters, prof.dr. M.C.W. HPM Email to Peeters, prof.dr. M.C.W.
Reymen, prof.dr.ir. I.M.M.J. ITEM +31 40-247 4283 Email to Reymen, prof.dr.ir. I.M.M.J.
Romme, prof.dr. A.G.L. ITEM Entrepreneurship & Innovation +31 40-247 2014 Email to Romme, prof.dr. A.G.L.
Smits, prof.dr. J.P.H. TIS Email to Smits, prof.dr. J.P.H.
Smits, prof.mr.dr. J.M. TIS +31 40-247 4165 Email to Smits, prof.mr.dr. J.M.
Snijders, prof.dr. C.C.P. HTI +31 40-247 5596 Email to Snijders, prof.dr. C.C.P.
Veenstra, prof.dr. A.W. OPAC Email to Veenstra, prof.dr. A.W.
Verbong, prof.dr.ir. G.P.J. TIS +31 40-247 2698 Email to Verbong, prof.dr.ir. G.P.J.
Vleuten, prof.dr.ir. E.B.A. van der TIS +31 40-247 4544 Email to Vleuten, prof.dr.ir. E.B.A. van der
Westerink, prof.dr. J.H.D.M. HTI +31 40-247 8559 Email to Westerink, prof.dr. J.H.D.M.
Woensel, prof.dr. T. van OPAC +31 40-247 5017 Email to Woensel, prof.dr. T. van

Total persons: 32