The department

The Department of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences (IE&IS) aims to be a leading school in the area of industrial engineering and management science as well as in innovation sciences. The mission of IE&IS is closely tied to its pioneering work in developing an engineering perspective of business processes as well as its interdisciplinary research on transitions in societies in relation to technological change.

At the heart of our academic philosophy is the synergy between research and teaching. Moreover, IE&IS is a department of moderate size in which scholars and students work on critical problems at the interface of engineering, management, and innovation.

As a part of Eindhoven University of Technology, the department of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences focuses on research and education in:

  • The analysis, (re)design, and control of operational processes in organizations and the information systems needed for these processes.
  • The realization and impact of technological innovations at the individual, organizational, and societal levels.

The department of IE&IS offers two Bachelor’s degree programs, one special Bachelor’s degree program, four Master’s degree programs, one PDEng program, various PhD programs and contributes to various other education programs within the university.  

Research groups
The research staff is embedded in one of the seven research groups of the department Industrial Engineering and Innovation Sciences:

  • Human Performance Management (HPM)
  • Information Systems (IS)
  • Innovation, Technology Entrepreneurship and Marketing (ITEM)
  • Operations, Planning, Accounting and Control (OPAC)
  • Human-Technology Interaction (HTI)
  • Philosophy and Ethics (P&E)
  • Technology, Innovation & Society (TIS)