Departmental board

The Departmental Board is the administrative body at departmental level. Its four members are the dean, the two vice deans of each School and the Managing Director. These posts are appointed by the Executive Board. In addition, the Study Program Manager acts as an advisory member. The Departmental Board also has two student members: the Education Officer of the Intermate study association and the Education Officer of the Industria study association. The Departmental Board holds final responsibility for the content and design of education and research.

The performance of education and research is coordinated by the Study Program Manager and the chairs of the subdepartments, respectively. These people are directly responsible for the performance of the education and research programs and for the spending of budgets allocated to these programs. They are accountable to the Departmental Board.

Board members

The Board of the Department of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences consists of:

The board has the following advisory staff:


Appointments with members of the Board can be made via the Board Secretariat: (040) 247 2635 or (040) 247 2873 or via email.