Departmental Council

Departmental Council
The Departmental Council is the representative advisory body of the department Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences (IE&IS) at Eindhoven University of Technology.

The task of the council is to keep a critical eye on the day to day running of the department, it can also make suggestions to the Departmental Board or make a viewpoint known.

The council consists out of five students members and five members of staff. The staff members are being elected for a period of two calendar years. The student members are elected every year.

The tasks and powers of the Departmental Council are regulated in the ‘Higher Education and Scientific Research Act’, the TU/e’s Management regulations, and the departmental regulations.

Meeting dates
The meeting dates for 2018 can be found here (in Dutch).

If desired the minutes can be requested at Ms. Mariëlle Dispa, phone (0)40-247 2873, e-mail