Partnerships with companies, institutions and other universities


Dinalog is the Dutch top institute for chain logistics and was created to implement the national innovation program ‘Logistics and Supply Chains’. Dinalog is the physical and virtual location for the private sector cooperation with the Centers of Excellence (universities) and it also acts as the provider of ‘Post-Experience Education’. The School of Industrial Engineering’s Jan Fransoo is vice chairman of the Executive Board while Prof dr Ton de Kok and Prof dr ir Geert-Jan van Houtum both take leading roles in one of the Dinalog projects.    

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Supply Chains, Infrastructure, Mobility & Mainports (SCIMM)

SCIMM is an initiative by different research groups of the three Dutch technology universities to work together to tackle the country’s environment issue by developing new solutions in the areas of traffic, transport and logistics. While the SCIMM concept has been created, it has not yet been formally launched. The Operations, Planning, Accounting and Control group of the TU/e School of Industrial Engineering is the architect of the SCIMM initiative.

Foundation for the History of Technology (SHT)

The Foundation for the History of Technology was founded in 1987 by the initiative of the Royal Institute of Engineers (KIvI). Many organizations and the three technology universities are represented in the daily and general management of the SHT whose goal is to encourage research into the history the interaction between technology and society, and to make the results known to historians, engineers, students and the wider public. The SHT is located on the TU/e campus and works very closely with the Technology, Innovation & Society group of the Department of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences. Together they develop research programs and major publication projects, such as the ‘Technology in the Netherlands in the Twentieth Century’, completed in 2003, and the current ‘Tensions of Europe program’.

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4TU Center of Excellence for Ethics & Technology

The Department of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences (IE&IS) is closely involved in the 4TU Center of Excellence for Ethics & Technology. The Philosophy section of IE&IS is co-founder and constituent member, along with the Philosophy sections of Delft and Twente. The Center has some 50 researchers and is one of the world’s largest centers for ethics and technology. The aim is to encourage fundamental and applied research and, as such, act as an interface between the research and public debate on technology.

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European Supply Chain Forum (eSCF)

The European Supply Chain Forum is a partnership among top-class universities (Eindhoven University of Technology, Stanford University and Hong Kong UST) and industry (including ASML, Nike, Air France-KLM). The focus lies on creating added value for its members by developing and implementing solutions for supply chain and operations management. Various professors and university (senior) lecturers of the School of Industrial Engineering are affiliated. 

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