dr.ir. A.C. (Rianne) Valkenburg - Expertise

Valkenburg, dr.ir. A.C.
Address :
Technische Universiteit Eindhoven
P.O. Box 513
Chair :
Design driven Innovation of Technological Solutions
Department :
Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences
Section :
Innovation Technology Entrepreneurship & Marketing
Positioncategory :
Supportive and management staff (OBP)
Position :
Departmental Fellow
Room :
MMP 0.044
Email :

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Research profile

Background in industrial design engineering (TU Delft) Ever since Rianne operated in innovation, always on the crossroad of (scientific and applied) research and business practice. Rianne has years of experience in initiating and facilitating innovation projects and networks. Rianne practices a design driven innovation approach, which is designed and tested in years of experience both as a consultant as well as a professor. In this combination she knows new (scientific) insights in the field of innovation, and is able to translate them into practical tools and approaches that make sense in (commercial) organizations.   Professor Knowledge transfer in product innovation (De Haagse Hogeschool) Rianne is (part time) professor of Innovation at the Hague university of applied sciences (since 2009). The research program of the group focuses on the 5 fundamentals of design driven innovation: future driven, design driven, value driven, business driven and collaboration. The results include practical tools for companies, e.g. on business modeling and future telling.   Specialist on design driven innovation Rianne helps leaders to imagine the future, to built a vision and strategy and to act upon them towards serious business creation. Specialized in facilitating and coaching companies in creating insights on innovation and potential future scenario’s. With care for the people within the innovation projects and teams, Rianne realizes change and success. For almost 3 years Rianne was program director of Design Initiatief. Design Initiatief brought together entrepreneurs, designers and specialists to innovate together on break through business solutions for the future. In 2,5 years over 1000 people were brought together, initiating 62 business ideas and teams, eventually facilitating 10 innovation projects. All activities transcending existing organizational boundaries.   In 2012 Rianne cofounded together with prof. Elke den Ouden LightHouse / the solution partner of The Intelligent Lighting Institute of TU/e. As a partner and value producer she now initiates and manages projects on the edge of knowledge creation and valorisation.