Working in the department of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences

The Department of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences is engaged in strategic- technological research of importance to industrial and other applications. In addition, the department’s employees provide the education of those students enrolled on the department’s courses. The department has a number of sections that provide support in the fields of research and education.

Two subdepartments
The Department of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences (IE&IS) has two subdepartments (schools).

  • School of Industrial Engineering
    The work of the School of Industrial Engineering (IE) revolves around organizing and maintaining  production chains for products and services. The School focuses mainly on the high-tech industry and the healthcare sector. Besides production and distribution, other aspects also play a role, such as product design, marketing, innovation, information systems, creativity and human behavior.The IE School numbers 111 employees, of whom 35 are doctoral candidates.
  • School of Innovation Sciences
    The successful implementation of innovations in society plays an important role within the School of Innovation Sciences (IS). This subdepartment is engaged in the mapping and analysis of the risks to the national and built environments, the consequences to society over the longer term and the perception of consumer needs. Its focus extends beyond western countries to include developing countries.The IS School numbers 116 employees, of whom 25 are doctoral candidates.

Obtaining a doctorate
If you have achieved the title of Master of Science, you can obtain a doctorate by completing a research project. Once you have successfully completed your doctorate, you become entitled to use the title doctor (dr.). The Department regularly offers doctorate positions. A doctorate takes four years to complete. Read more about obtaining a doctorate at the TU/e.

Obtaining a Professional Doctorate in Engineering
After completing a Master’s degree in industrial engineering or a closely related field, you can obtain a Professional Doctorate in Engineering degree by following a two-year program Industrial Engineering. The Department regulary offers PDEng positions. Only excellent students are admitted. Read more about the Industrial Engineering PDEng program.

Vacancies arise regularly within the Department of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences. Both scientific and support posts become available. These vacancies can be viewed at the following site. For all other information about working at the TU/e please visit the vacancy website of the Human Resources & Organization service.