Exchange students

You can come to our department as an exchange student in Computer Science or in Mathematics.

Computer Science

As an exchange student in the field of Computer Science you only can do courses at our department mentioned in a list of courses for Computer Science. All the other important information for our exchange students can also be found on this place.

In general, doing a master’s project is not possible, unless you find a supervisor beforehand.


Exchange students in the Industrial and Applied Mathematics (IAM) master program should select courses from those offered by the Department of Mathematics (the general rules and the actual list can be found here). It is also possible to choose master courses offered by other departments up to a maximum of 30% (measured in terms of ECTS). These courses are indicated by their code: all courses having codes not starting with a 2 are offered by another department.

General information

The TU/e has a semester system, the first semester starts around September 1st and ends around the last week of January, the second semester starts around February 1st and ends around the last week of June (or the first week of July). The master program Computer Science and Engineering makes use of half-semester blocks (called quartiles), which means that you take three courses in parallel (rather than six in a full semester).

Information about all TU/e courses can be found on OASE.


The university takes care of your accommodation if you fill in Annex I which belongs to the Application Form Exchange students.

You have to send the signed application form with all the necessary documents and the signed learning agreement to the address mentioned under contact person. Deadline for the first semester of the new academic year is June 1st. For the second semester the deadline is November 1st.

The department has 10 places in the first semester and 10 places in the second semester available (with a room guaranteed). We will decide at the beginning of June who can come the first semester and at the beginning of November who can come in the second semester.

For more information, please contact the departmental coordinator via contact person.