MagnaView transforms the wealth of complex data within organisations into modern, easy to use analytics products. This is the key concept behind MagnaView BV. This TU/e spin-off delivers products in a wide variety of sectors. Mostly education and healthcare, but also finance, industry and government.

“Unlocking large volumes of data in an interactive way which, at one glance, provide the insights to improve an organisation: that’s the idea.” Speaking is Erik-Jan van der Linden, co-founder of MagnaView. Together with Jack van Wijk, professor of visualization at the TU/e, he founded the company in 2005.

“Jack is an international authority in the field of visualization. He developed the popular app SequoiaView, which has been downloaded more than a million times thus far. SequoiaView provides a way to visualize the content of your hard drive. Together we transformed his invention into products that can help organisations improve.”


In many sectors now well-known ‘Big Data’ is present. MagnaView turns ‘Big Data’ into ‘SmartData’: Without any own development effort, the user is presented with relevant information about his sector.

Success story

MagnaView is a success story. Customers can be found all around the world. From educational institutions to laboratories. “We use our state-of-the-art in-memory software Platform for the development of products for different sectors.” For hospitals MagnaView developed Pathos, PathLab, MicroLab, A-Team and IP-Team. Each product focusses on a different team within the hospital. “Hospital information systems contain a wealth of data. Our products turn this data into crucial insights for these teams.”

Collaboration with TU/e

MagnaView cooperates closely with the department of Mathematics and Computer Science of the TU/e and the Data Science Center. “Developments in Information Technology follow each other in rapid succession. Together with the TU/e we deliver research projects that push boundaries and explore new possibilities. This involves graduation projects and projects with national research funding.”