Celebrating PDEng Software Technology study program rolls with the technology

TU/e Smart Industry symposium hooks in to current prospects

The PDEng (Professional Doctorate in Engineering for Software Technology (ST) - a two-year university technical designer training - is increasingly focusing on software architecture. That is the conclusion of Professor Mark van den Brand of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science and scientific director of the ST program. Developments in the field are rapid and TU/e sees that former and current trainees are increasingly taking on the role of senior software architect in business and industry. "Good software architecture is a key ingredient in software development. That means that we as a study must roll with the technology. Using surveys, conversations with and feedback from alumni, we are constantly strengthening and renewing our range of courses in the field of software architecture."

This year, Software Technology (formerly OOTI - Designer Training in Computer Science and Engineering) study at the TU/e Department of Mathematics and Computer Science (W&I) will be celebrating its thirtieth anniversary. To mark this, the department will hold a scientific symposium on Friday 12 October on the theme of Smart Industry.

Software Technology is now inextricably linked to all conceivable technological developments that surround us, from cyber-physical systems, 'The Internet of Things' and the internet of services. The question is where the current evolution in technology and the discipline is heading and where this will take us. The most important claim is that of the Smart Industry ("Industry 4.0") with a totally different approach and output than we know today - comparable to the 1st (steam engine), 2nd (electrification) and 3rd (electronics & semi-conductors) industrial revolutions. The promise that Software Technology holds is great, but how realistic or predictable the results are, is unclear.

Prof.dr. Van den Brand has chaired the Software Engineering and Technology Research group at Eindhoven University of Technology since 2006 and is permanent advisor to the W&I departmental board. He proposes that the study program follows and applies the latest developments very closely. "We can do this because the trainees in their training carry out 3 in-house projects that we discuss well in advance with the companies where our students carry out the assignments. On the basis of these assignments, workshops are established at which we teach all the relevant knowledge. Working in this way, the department guarantees a very up-to-date program."

With this symposium on the occasion of its sixth anniversary, the designer study program Software Technology aims to offer a context for and insight into future trends from different perspectives. The symposium program includes speakers from TU/e, Philips, Brainport, TNO, Fraunhofer IESE, ASML, Smart Robotics and Thales.

The symposium will take place in Einstein Auditorium at the Conference Center of the High Tech Campus Eindhoven.