Sjoerd Rienstra lauded for his contributions to the field of aeroacoustics

Today, a symposium is organized for Associate Professor Sjoerd Rienstra in the Applied Analysis group, who is retring. That is, however, not the only homage to him, because next month at the annual AIAA/CEAS Aeroacoustics Conference, he will be awarded with the CEAS Aeroacoustics Award. He receives this award for his long-term contributions to the field of aeroacoustics. More specifically, this concerns a number of relevant scientific results and, on the other hand, several findings that were of industrial importance.

In a first reaction, Sjoerd Rienstra says: “I am very happy and moved to know that there were colleagues who considered my work important enough to make the effort to nominate me. Such a pat on the back is incredibly important and motivating.” He continues: “Certainly in our department where everyone has their own field of expertise, you know roughly each other’s specialism in mathematics, but almost nothing about the fields of application.”

At the origin
According to the jury report, Rienstra, who is one of the few applied mathematicians in the field of aeroacoustics, is at the origin of many analytical developments that found important applications in aeroacoustics of turbofan engines, and made major contributions to a number of theoretical problems relevant to aeroacoustics, notably sound propagation in lined ducts with flow and understanding the influence of liners. A major technical advance was the Extended Helmholtz Resonator model, which was essential for developing tools for optimizing the impedance of lined aero engine ducts.

The e-book "An Introduction to Acoustics" Rienstra wrote with Mico Hirschberg, Full Professor emeritus of the Department of Applied Physics, was also mentioned as one of the reasons to award Rienstra with the CEAS Aeroacoustics Award. It has become a standard work which is cited very frequently. Colleagues say the knowledge disseminated by this means has put many scientists and engineers into a position for substantial progress in the field of aeroacoustics and noise control. “It is certainly among the very best textbooks on aeroacoustics.”

Leading expert
Sjoerd Rienstra is recognized as a worldwide leading expert in the field of duct acoustics and liners with application to turbofan engines. The granting of the CEAS Aeroacoustics Award to Rienstra underlines this once again.