Two Veni grants for M&CS researchers

Two Veni grants for M&CS researchers

Eight young TU/e researchers have received a “Veni” grant of 250,000 euros. Two fo them conduct their research at the department of Mathematics and Computer Science.

Awarded by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO), the “Veni” grant is targeted at outstanding researchers who have recently obtained their PhD. The grant allows scientists to conduct independent research and develop their ideas for a period of three years. In total, this round saw 1115 submissions by researchers of research projects for funding, 154 of which were ultimately honored. 

The M&CS winners of the Veni call of 2018 are:

Stability and structure in infinite-dimensional spaces

Dr. Rob Eggermont  - Mathematics and Computer Science (prof.dr. Hans Cuypers)

It becomes increasingly important to deal with data structures involving a large number of variables. Eggermont will investigate such structures and show that even as the number of variables increases, the difficulty of analysis does not.

Lattices and nearest neighbour searching

Dr. Thijs Laarhoven - Mathematics and Computer Science (prof.dr. Tanja Lange)

Lattices, repeating arrangements of points in space, can be used to describe extraordinary symmetric structures, and lie at the basis of secure digital communication in the age of quantum computers. This research project will explore the remarkable interplay between lattices and techniques from the field of nearest neighbour searching.