Section Model Driven Software Engineering (MDSE)

The quality of the software development process is determined by three different sources: the model, the transformer/generator and the framework. The section MDSE focuses on tackling the quality aspect of model transformations and code generators. She concentrates on the development and use of certain languages of computers and their associated toolsets. She is looking into scaling up real time verification to industrial scale. The section also has a strong interest in modeling stochastic behavior.

Formal System Analysis

The chair Formal System Analysis (FSA) focusses on theories, techniques and tools for modelling and analysing the behaviours of (concurrent) systems. Among others, they study process algebras, semantics, model checking, logics, rewriting and satisfiability solving.

Software Engineering and Technology

The group Software Engineering and Technology (SET) develops methods and tools for time- and cost-efficient evolution of high-quality software systems. First, an abstract description of the solution is made. After that, the software can be generated. These include parsers, type checkers, code generators of operational semantics and code generators from behavioral models.