The Department


Eindhoven University of Technology, and within it the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, has existed in its current form since 1986. It was in that year that the educational institution was designated a 'university'. Prior to that, the university was known as a 'technische hogeschool' ['higher school of technology']. The programs we offer within our department have been in existence since long before 1986, however. In fact, the first one was launched in 1957.

Alumni info

The term ‘alumni’ pertains to everyone who graduated at TU/e in any of its educational programs. TU/e alumni are part of the TU/e community and connected for life. You carry our name and fame and are important ambassadors. We are proud of you and of the contribution of your technological knowledge and expertise to society. ​We would like to keep you involved and connected so stay in touch with the university and with other alumni worldwide via the Alumni portal and register yourself easily.