Departmental Board
The department is managed by the departmental board.

The department consists of 2 groups:

  • Computer Science
  • Mathematics

Each group consists of a number of sections with a president and vice-president. They are responsible for managing the financial and personnel-related matters.

Program Board
The Program Board is composed of the program directors, program managers, program coordinators and deputy program directors. The Program Board sets out the content of the various programs.

Our three Bachelor's programs and the two graduate programs each have one program director, each of which is responsible for the organization and delivery of programs and teaching.

The departmental board determines the Program and Examination Regulations and the teaching budget, as well as supervising the delivery of the education program.

Departmental Council
The departmental council exercises the right of consent and the right to prior consultation in respect of the departmental board. The departmental board requires the prior consent of the departmental council in relation to changing or setting the departmental regulations and the Program and Examination Regulations.