The board of our department consists of a departmental dean, a vice-dean and a managing director. The program directors and a student member in an advisory role are permanent advisers to the board.

The departmental board is the competent authority of the department. It is responsible for the operational and policy matters relating to the budget and staff policy.

The vice-dean sits on the boards of the two groups of our department. The boards coordinate the activities of the sections and other units within the groups and align them with one another. He also determines how teaching is divided within the teaching modules allocated by the program directors.

The managing director is responsible for the operational running of all supporting services that lie outside the sections and the laboratory. He/she also provides sufficient information relating to management.

Members of the Departmental Board

Prof.dr. Johan Lukkien, Dean
prof.dr. Edwin van den Heuvel, vice-dean
dr. R.C. van der Drift, managing director
Dr. Olga Houben-van Herwijnen, secretary of the board

Permanent advisors to the Departmental Board

Dr. Erik de Vink, Program Director of the Bachelor's program Computer Science & Engineering
Dr. Hans Sterk, Program Director of the Bachelor's program Applied Mathematics
Dr. Michel Westenberg, Program Director of the Bachelor program Data Science
Dr. Alessandro di Bucchianico, Program Director of the Graduate Program IAM  
Prof.dr. Mark van den Brand, Program Director of the Graduate Program in Computer Science 
Sabine Jongerius, Student Representative of the Departmental Board