Departmental Council

Our departmental council is the department's co-determination body. The members discuss the general state of affairs within the department with the departmental board, produce proposals and make viewpoints heard. The departmental council may make use of a number of statutory rights.

Right of consent
The highest-ranking right is the right of consent. This enables the council to provide its express consent in relation to certain decisions before the departmental board is permitted to implement those decisions.

Right to prior consultation
The right to prior consultation requires that the departmental council is asked by the departmental board for its recommendation in relation to proposed decisions. Furthermore, the council may issue its recommendation to the departmental board without being requested to do so. The departmental board may only disregard these recommendations if it provides valid reasons for doing so.

Right to information and right of initiative
The departmental council has the right to information and the right of initiative. This is the right to take the initiative itself to make an amendment to a policy. This initiative must be taken seriously for consideration by the departmental board and must be discussed with the council within an agreed period. The departmental council is composed of a staff section and a student section of five individuals each.