Educational Committee Mathematics

The Education Committee for Mathematics (OCW) advises (asked or on its own initiative) about:
• the educational program;
• the education and examination regulations;
• all matters relating to education.
Additionally, the OCW:
• annually assesses the manner of implementation of the Teaching and Examination Regulations (OER);
• discusses course evaluations and advises the program director and departmental board on this basis;
• contributes to the further development of education by thinking about the broad lines of new proposals at an early stage.

The Education Committee for Mathematics (OCW) consists of 4 staff members and 4 student members.
The appointment period for staff members is two years and for student members one year.
In addition, the OCW has a number of advisory members, such as the (deputy) program directors, the GEWIS educational commissioner, the study adviser and a computer science advisor.

Formation and other information
More information about the formation, minutes and agendas of the OCW can be found here: