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Below you find a list of all employees of the department of Mathematics and Computer Science grouped by sub department.

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Name Positioncategory Position descr. Room Tel. number Email
Bansal, prof.dr. N. HGL Hoogleraar MF 4.095 +31 40-247 2299 Email to Bansal, prof.dr. N.
Cuypers, prof.dr. F.G.M.T. HGL Hoogleraar MF 6.094 +31 40-247 2965 Email to Cuypers, prof.dr. F.G.M.T.
Draisma, J. HGL Hoogleraar MF 6.145 Email to Draisma, J.
Lange, prof.dr. T. HGL Hoogleraar MF 6.104B +31 40-247 4764 Email to Lange, prof.dr. T.
Spieksma, prof.dr. F.C.R. HGL Hoogleraar MF 4.095 +31 40-247 5694 Email to Spieksma, prof.dr. F.C.R.
Cohen, prof.dr. A.M. HGL em Hoogleraar emeritus MF 4.065 +31 40-247 4523 Email to Cohen, prof.dr. A.M.
Blokhuis, dr. A. UHD Universitair Hoofddocent MF 6.104A +31 40-247 2633 Email to Blokhuis, dr. A.
Schoenmakers, L.A.M. UHD Universitair Hoofddocent MF 6.105 +31 40-247 4769 Email to Schoenmakers, L.A.M.
Weger, dr. B.M.M. de UHD Universitair Hoofddocent MF 6.098 +31 40-247 2704 Email to Weger, dr. B.M.M. de
Eggermont, dr. R.H. UD Universitair Docent MF 6.102 +31 40-247 4763 Email to Eggermont, dr. R.H.
Hülsing, dr. A.T. UD Universitair Docent MF 6.097a +31 40-247 6088 Email to Hülsing, dr. A.T.
Hurkens, C.A.J. UD Universitair Docent MF 4.098 +31 40-247 4771 Email to Hurkens, C.A.J.
Nederlof, dr. J. UD Universitair Docent MF 4.094 +31 40-247 8940 Email to Nederlof, dr. J.
Pellikaan, dr. G.R. UD Universitair Docent MF 6.097B +31 40-247 4222 Email to Pellikaan, dr. G.R.
Pendavingh, dr. R.A. UD Universitair Docent MF 4.097A +31 40-247 4235 Email to Pendavingh, dr. R.A.
Keijsper, dr. J.C.M. OWP Docent MF 4.097B +31 40-247 5583 Email to Keijsper, dr. J.C.M.
Laarhoven, T.M.M. OWP Onderzoeker MF 6.096 Email to Laarhoven, T.M.M.
Martindale, C.R. OWP Onderzoeker MF 6.097A Email to Martindale, C.R.
Sterk, dr. H.J.M. OWP Docent MF 6.099 +31 40-247 2727 Email to Sterk, dr. H.J.M.
Cohen, dr. I.R. PD Postdoc MF V4.4145 Email to Cohen, dr. I.R.
Appelbaum, J.R. PhD Stud. Promovendus MF 6.146 +31 40-247 8804 Email to Appelbaum, J.R.
Bosch - Blom, F. van den MSc PhD Stud. Promovendus MF 6.103 +31 40-247 4833 Email to Bosch - Blom, F. van den MSc
Doulgerakis, E. MSc PhD Stud. Promovendus MF 6.142 +31 40-247 5251 Email to Doulgerakis, E. MSc
Groot Bruinderink, ir. L. PhD Stud. Promovendus MF 6.100 Email to Groot Bruinderink, ir. L.
Panny, L.S. MSc PhD Stud. Promovendus MF 6.100 +31 40-247 5157 Email to Panny, L.S. MSc
Soto Ochoa, S.A. MSc PhD Stud. Promovendus MF 4.145 +31 40-247 4572 Email to Soto Ochoa, S.A. MSc
Souza Banegas, G. MSc PhD Stud. Promovendus MF 0.6.142 +31 40-247 2537 Email to Souza Banegas, G. MSc
Knopper, ir. J.W. OBP Ontwikkelaar ICT MF 6.095 +31 40-247 4346 Email to Knopper, ir. J.W.
Klooster - Derks, J.G.W. Secretary Secretaresse MF 6.101 +31 40-247 2254 Email to Klooster - Derks, J.G.W.

Total persons: 29