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Name Positioncategory Position descr. Room Tel. number Email
Schilders, prof.dr. W.H.A. HGL Hoogleraar MF 5.095 +31 40-247 5518 Email to Schilders, prof.dr. W.H.A.
Marques Neves, A.R. MSc OWP Onderzoeker MF 5.091 Email to Marques Neves, A.R. MSc
Gabriels, ir. J.M.A.M. OBP Medewerker kennisvalorisatie MF 5.092 +31 40-247 5886 Email to Gabriels, ir. J.M.A.M.
Hesping, S. MSc OBP Medewerker Kennisvalorisatie MF 5.092 Email to Hesping, S. MSc
Klabbers, ir. M.D. OBP Medewerker Kennisvalorisatie MF 5.093 +31 40-247 3519 Email to Klabbers, ir. M.D.
Otterloo, P.J. van OBP Projectmanager MF 6.71A +31 40-247 4449 Email to Otterloo, P.J. van
Weffers, ir. H.T.G. PDEng OBP Co├Ârdinator Externe Samenwerking MF 5.094 +31 40-247 4610 Email to Weffers, ir. H.T.G. PDEng
Quaedflieg, W.M.P.J. Secretary Secretaresse MF 5.093 +31 40-247 2526 Email to Quaedflieg, W.M.P.J.

Total persons: 8