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Name Section Positioncategory Room Tel. number Email
Babur, dr. Ö. MDSE PD MF 6.089 +31 40-247 8767 Email to Babur, dr. Ö.
Baggen, L. MA BURO W&I OBP MF 5.100 +31 40-247 5007 Email to Baggen, L. MA
Bansal, H. MSc CASA PhD Stud. MF 7.079 +31 40-247 3951 Email to Bansal, H. MSc
Bansal, prof.dr. N. DM HGL MF 4.095 +31 40-247 2299 Email to Bansal, prof.dr. N.
Barosan, I. MDSE UD MF 6.091 +31 40-247 3764 Email to Barosan, I.
Batlkhagva, E. ST TOIO MF 5.086 Email to Batlkhagva, E.
Battulga, L. MSc ST TOIO MF 5.5.086 Email to Battulga, L. MSc
Baumeier, dr. B. CASA UD MF 7.142 +31 40-247 2205 Email to Baumeier, dr. B.
Bayreu, S.K. ST TOIO MF 5.082 Email to Bayreu, S.K.
Beer, H.T. de MSc BA BURO W&I OWP MF 6.142 Email to Beer, H.T. de MSc BA
Bekkers, dr. E.J. CASA PD MF 7.074 +31 40-247 3965 Email to Bekkers, dr. E.J.
Beltman, R. MSc CASA PhD Stud. MF 7.088 +31 40-247 2202 Email to Beltman, R. MSc
Berg, prof.dr. M.T. de A&V HGL MF 4.146 +31 40-247 2150 Email to Berg, prof.dr. M.T. de
Berger - van der Aalst, J. OWB OBP MF 5.104a +31 40-247 8343 Email to Berger - van der Aalst, J.
Berkel, C.H. van SENS HGL MF 6.121 +31 40-247 5282 Email to Berkel, C.H. van
Berkum, E.E.M. van STO OWP MF 0. +31 40-247 2903 Email to Berkum, E.E.M. van
Bertens, M.W.M.C. MSc CASA PhD Stud. MF 7.086 Email to Bertens, M.W.M.C. MSc
Bhardwaj, S. MSc SENS PhD Stud. MF 6.6.108 Email to Bhardwaj, S. MSc
Bhat, N. M.Tech. ASD TOIO MF 5.079 +31 40-247 3908 Email to Bhat, N. M.Tech.
Bhatnagar, P. ST TOIO MF 0. Email to Bhatnagar, P.
Bi, T. MSc SENS PhD Stud. MF 6.106 Email to Bi, T. MSc
Blokhuis, dr. A. DM UHD MF 6.104A +31 40-247 2633 Email to Blokhuis, dr. A.
Blommaert, L.M.T. OWB OBP MF 5.104a +31 40-247 6188 Email to Blommaert, L.M.T.
Bloo, dr. C.J. OWB OBP MF 5.104b +31 40-247 4496 Email to Bloo, dr. C.J.
Böck, R. de MSc CASA PhD Stud. MF 7.096 Email to Böck, R. de MSc
Boekema, A.D. DPO OBP MF 5.068 +31 40-247 5812 Email to Boekema, A.D.
Bogerd, K.M. MSc STO PhD Stud. MF 4.068+069 Email to Bogerd, K.M. MSc
Boon, M.A.A. STO UD MF 4.089 +31 40-247 2989 Email to Boon, M.A.A.
Boor, M. van der MSc STO PhD Stud. MF 4.072+073 Email to Boor, M. van der MSc
Borst, S.C. STO HGL MF 4.093 +31 40-247 5105 Email to Borst, S.C.
Bos, drs. A. A&V OWP MF 4.102 +31 40-247 5155 Email to Bos, drs. A.
Bosch - Blom, F. van den MSc DM PhD Stud. MF 6.103 +31 40-247 4833 Email to Bosch - Blom, F. van den MSc
Botto Tobar, M.A. MSc MDSE PhD Stud. MF 6.083 Email to Botto Tobar, M.A. MSc
Bouman, N.J. IS-WSK&I PD MF 6.103 Email to Bouman, N.J.
Bouwman, M.S. MDSE PhD Stud. MF 6.82 Email to Bouwman, M.S.
Boxma, O.J. STO_1 HGL MF 4.085 +31 40-247 2858 Email to Boxma, O.J.
Bra, prof.dr. P.M.E. De IS-WSK&I HGL MF 7.100 +31 40-247 4476 Email to Bra, prof.dr. P.M.E. De
Brand, prof.dr. M.G.J. van den BESTUUR W&I HGL MF 6.086a +31 40-247 2744 Email to Brand, prof.dr. M.G.J. van den
Bril, R.J. SENS UHD MF 6.068 +31 40-247 5412 Email to Bril, R.J.
Brini, A. MSc STO PhD Stud. MF 4.091 Email to Brini, A. MSc
Bruin, drs. S.M.A. BM OBP MF 5.097 +31 40-247 4658 Email to Bruin, drs. S.M.A.
Brummelen, E.H. van ET HGL GEM-Z 3.133 +31 40-247 5470 Email to Brummelen, E.H. van
Brunings, M.D. MSc IS-WSK&I PhD Stud. MF 7.109 Email to Brunings, M.D. MSc
Bunte, ir. O. MDSE_1 PhD Stud. MF 6.080 Email to Bunte, ir. O.
Burch, dr. M. A&V UD MF 4.119 +31 40-247 5654 Email to Burch, dr. M.
Burda, P. MSc SENS PhD Stud. MF 6.111 Email to Burda, P. MSc

Total persons: 46